MICS response to covid 19

Open Fire Prohibitions

COVID-19 – Plea to the community from the Gabriola Medical Clinic

Hello key members of the HUB, Collaborative and community,
I have attached a letter in PDF that we have written to our community from the doctors at the clinic. Please circulate it widely to your distribution lists and organizations so we can get this in the inboxes, minds and hearts of everyone on Gabriola. If there was ever a time for collective action it would be now!
Please pay attention to the way you forward this letter so my personal email (and everyone listed above) does not end up copied in your email to the community broadly. Help maintain a bit of privacy please.
Best regards to all of you – the amazing work I am seeing created by organizations in our community to support people during this extraordinary time is heartwarming and inspiring.
Dr. Tracey Thorne Gabriola Medical Clinic Vancouver Island Physician Lead, Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice