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Community update from MICS

Hello Mudge Islanders,


Your friends and neighbours sitting on the board of Mudge Island Citizen’s Society (MICS) would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.


 It is our goal at MICS to keep the community up to date with the goings on of our society and with that in mind I would like to share with you all some recent activities. In the fall MICS completed an application to the province of British Columbia’s Community Gaming Grants Branch for a Capital Project Grant. This was a thorough and well thought out application requesting funds, to be matched by MICS, for the construction of a building to house our fire trucks and other emergency services equipment. Our application included letters of support from the local trustees of the Islands Trust, our Regional Director from the RDN, the Emergency Services Coordinator from the RDN, and the Fire Chief of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Dept.


We received notice from the Gaming Grants people in late December that our application was unsuccessful and that our organization was not awarded a Capital Project Grant this year. We were also told to expect a follow up letter on where our application “may” have come up short. I had suggested to the board that perhaps we should hold off on discussing this with the community until we received and reviewed this follow up letter. We have now received the letter and after further review there doesn’t seem to be any glaring omissions to our application.


 “Consideration was also given to the allocation of grant funding across six Community Gaming Grant sectors, the geographic distribution of grants throughout the province, project size and the inclusion of Aboriginal not-for-profit organizations. Analysts in the Community Gaming branch worked very hard to adjudicate each application, including yours, fairly within this context"


Needless to say we at MICS are disappointed with this result but it will not diminish our resolve to carry on and continue moving forward to the benefit of the Community of Mudge Island. We have had great success over the years with smaller regional grants from the RDN and have used those funds in various ways to improve our ability to serve our community. In the spirit of moving forward we have decided to use our existing building funds to commence with our plan for a building on the MICS property. All this means now is that the project will have to be done in smaller bites as we can afford it, all the while continuing to explore all avenues of possible grant funding.


We are already looking at various other sources of external funding from places like the Union of BC Municipalities, Small Communities Fund (Federal/Provincial), RDN Community Grants, and another attempt at BC Gaming Grants-Capital Projects Sector which will be open to applications July 1st for next year.


Much work has been done on the property to select an appropriate site for the building, more work will happen through the coming winter to prepare for pouring the foundation and concrete slab for the building.


I want to thank the entire Community of Mudge Island for your unwavering support over the years. We as a community have come a long way in improving our ability to provide assistance to each other in times of fire, emergency preparedness and during medical emergencies. We didn’t win the gaming lottery this time but we will continue to work with and for you to improve our emergency preparedness on Mudge Island.


Scott Flemming and the Board of MICS




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