MICS Property work update.

MICS building update.

Cisterns for sale

To those considering water storage, I’m letting you all know we have brought over another load of cisterns/water tanks. To those that preordered your tank, it has shown up on your property, and to those considering tanks, please let me know at chitto1234@hotmail.com . The standard tank is 2400 gallons and comes to $2100 including tax. With this price I can put the tank in place if the site is already prepared, and not too difficult to get to. I also have a couple other sizes as well as one underground tank available. There’s still rain falling that we can catch for fire protection, gardening, household use etc. As well, these tanks work excellent for storage of well water. Perhaps you have a low producing water well. These can help you get through the dry months without taxing your well as hard. Let me know if I can help. Thanks, Chad

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