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Driver Training.

Hello All,   On behalf of MICS I would like to thank Chief Will Sprogis of the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department for extending an invitation to MICS to send over some people for driver training to qualify for a class 5 airbrakes endorsement on their licenses. MICS was able to send over 6 people for …

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Reminder MICS AGM Sunday September 3rd. 1pm

Hello All   The Mudge Island Citizens Society (MICS) will be hosting our annual AGM on Sunday September 3rd at the MICS Hall at 1pm. If you are interested in a recap of the year with a look ahead for the upcoming year please join us. Perhaps you have been thinking you would like to get more involved with …

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MICS will be hosting a fire practice Sunday 27th 2023 at 10am

MICS will be hosting a fire practice Sunday 27th 2023 at 10am at the Hall.  Everyone is welcome please come dressed as you would respond to a event.  We will be learning about Truck 2 and will be setting up a tank and filling and drawing water of and onto truck 2. Philip Parsons Vice …

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Davidson Bay

So I hate that I have to be the one to bring this up but as I use Davidson bay almost daily I guess I have to be the one that does. People are beginning to leave trailers and boats on trailers in the very minimal parking spots and also parking their cars and trucks …

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Fire smart starts with you..

Attached is a new document that Fire Smart BC has developed, a lot of people feel there is no way they can get a full fire smart home, that’s ok anything you can do to start helps and work towards it over time.  Being fire smart is a first line of defence against a interface …

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Fire Hazard Status Update

As we have dropped below Danger Class 4 (we hit Danger Class 3 today), we are now back into early shift (1pm shutdown for high risk activities), followed by a 2 hour fire watch. Please stay vigilant as there is still a fire risk. The recent rain was very welcomed, but we are not out …

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MICS Fire Practice July 30th

MICS is hosting a fire practice Sunday July 30th 10am to noon. This practice will be a live simulation of water transfer from the ocean to holding tank and out of tank to shore, please come dressed for an event and be prepared to possibly get wet ;-).  Meet at the Hall 10am.   Philip …

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Message from MICS, we are very very dry.

Please be safe and careful, the attached picture are stats of fires in BC as of today. Please think before doing anything with tools around your property, better safe than sorry.   Thank you  Philip Parsons  VP MICS. 

Message from MICS

On this Canada day long weekend please make certain all guests and visitors know there are no fires allowed and to make certain to NOT flick your cigarette butts out the window.  We are very very dry, so lets have a safe long weekend..   Also let everyone know to call *5555 from your cell phone. …

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Fire Hazard Status Update/Early Shift

We have experienced our third Danger Class 4 in a row at Cedar weather station. We are now on early shift (1pm shutdown) for high risk activities. Please inform each other politely. Also, thank you to everyone that showed up at fire practice this morning! Chad 🇹🇩