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Campfire Precautions. Please read attachment

Hello everyone. Just thought I should put out an attachment containing some guidelines for your campfire. We are experiencing some very high winds again this summer, and wind is a very important factor to include in your decision to lighting and maintaining your fire. Please follow proper size, fire breaks, have tools and water on hand, and please consider wind strength and direction. There is plenty of fuel on the ground and throughout the forest on our own properties as well as our neighbours. If a fire starts on the island in this wind, we will have a very serious situation on our hands. A campfire can be enjoyable on a cool evening, but please use common sense. If you cause a wildfire, please remember that you can be the one on the hook for it when the costs are totalled up. Please read the attachment closely. Also, a suggestion has come to me to encourage people to try to deal with ground fuels on their properties in a safe manner. Probably best done during the wetter months. Here’s hoping for a problem free summer. Chad bcwildfire.ca/Restrictions/StovesCampfires.pdf pdf icon StovesCampfires.pdf