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APC Meeting Reminder

To fellow Mudge Islanders, > > The Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission would like to remind you that we have scheduled a public meeting for tomorrow, Thursday March 15th at 1:00 pm. It will be held at the MICS property somewhere amongst the mounds of firewood (that will be sold on a first come basis this Saturday.) Small plug with large thanks to the MICS Directors for once again allowing us to use their facility. > > This meeting is going to be different than the last one in that we are not exactly certain about whether this meeting will in fact be sanctioned by the Islands Trust. Unfortunately we are going through a bit of a rough patch with Islands Trust Planning Staff. We have been advised that if we do meet, which we are, that it will not be as the APC, rather as a group of individuals. We have asked for reconsideration of this decision, but at this point in time have not received an answer from Islands Trust. > > Again, we are going to have the meeting tomorrow. At that meeting we will be providing a very detailed accounting of interactions with Staff to this date. > > On the bright side, we have some pretty positive news to report regarding the actions of our Local Trustees so far in this process. > > For certain, by attending the meeting tomorrow you will be up to date on the maximum lot coverage issue as can be. > > The weather, at least so far, looks promising for tomorrow afternoon. Please bring a chair, and depending on weather, sunscreen or an umbrella. > > Respectfully > > Doug MacDonald > APC Secretary >