Issue 6 Wildfire News July 16 2021

Next MICS Event

Another great Day for MICS and Mudge

Again our great Grant writer and the hard work of the board for MICS has gotten us some much needed new equipment. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you Mudge Island for supporting us like you do.   We have a massive 4 inch trash pump to install on our new tanker, this will allow us to fill the 10000 liter truck as fast as possible if the pump lives up to the specs it should be done in 7/8 min.  We also have a 2″ inch high pressure  and a 1.5 inch high pressure and a couple 1 inch portable pumps..


We have also paid it forward as it was all purchased from a local store VI Honda who has been a supporter of us by donating items to MICS over the years..


Thank you again to everyone who has supported us and made this happen.


With the whole Province under a NO fire and full shutdown, lets please keep our alert status on high as our wish is, to never have to use any of this gear.

Lets have a safe Summer.







Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web