Reminder of MICS fire fighting equipment practice session June 30th 2019.

2019 June 28 Coastal Wildfire News.pdf

A reminder to all property owners.

Hello All

As we move into a very busy time of year on Mudge Island, the summer months, we will see a large influx of people coming to the island. Some folks are returning long time property owners, some are returning visitors and family and some will be having their first Mudge experience ever.


At MICS we work hard throughout the year keeping the community up to date with current Provincial regulations regarding open burning, shutdowns for high risk activities and campfire regulations and restrictions. It is now that MICS needs your help the most, many of the summer guests to Mudge do not have access to the various platforms we use to get all this info out to the community. As property owners hosting friends, family and guests on your property it is very important that your guests are aware of all current bans or restrictions. Please help MICS by going over the importance of fire safety on Mudge and please be sure your guests are well informed and aware of the current wildfire risks.


It is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of the regulations and with your help in sharing this info with your guests we can work together to reduce the risk and increase awareness.


Wishing everyone a fun and safe summer.


Scott Flemming and the Board of MICS


         Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web