500 Challenge update and corrections

500 Challenge Correction

500 Challenge Update

> I am pleased to announce that donations continue to come in. The Ohara’s stopped me on the street the other day and got in on the challenge. We have also received a donation from another anonymous donor. So this challenge, started by the Stewards has brought in more than $11,500 in less than two weeks! Not bad at all. > I will not be mentioning donors names regarding this challenge in the future. I want you to all know that the society appreciates all the donations and participation at other fund raisers as well, and sweat equity that you all donate all year round. It all makes a difference. Should any of you care to continue with donations, please feel free to contact me or any others on the MICS board of directors. We have accomplished so much, but still have a road ahead of us. > Our building should be showing up any day in Nanaimo. > Thank you one more time. See you all at the auction in August. Chad >