500 Challenge Update

Fire Hazard Status Update

500 Challenge Correction

> I know I said I wasn’t going to post names anymore regarding this challenge. But as I cut off the naming of names yesterday, I wanted to make it clear that I missed a couple of donors last week. One would be Pete and Faye Bratton, and the other would be the Lowsleys. I want to also note that the Lowsleys have always made their home available for MICS meetings, with the fire lit, and coffee on, and always made us feel very welcome. Both these donations were made a week ago, and it somehow got away on me. > Now as I said, after yesterday, any other names won’t be mentioned. But I can tell you that even since then, donations have continued to come in. You know who you are. Please feel free to contact myself or anyone else on our board of directors should you decide to make a contribution. Thanks again, Chad >