Update on the building

Well its been a while since an update has gone out but that has not meant that work has stopped.  Over the last couple of months we have been able to get the inside of the foundation filled and have placed the drain tile and drain rock and have back filled the foundation as well.  As of this morning Friday morning we have moved the prefabbed sections to the building site.  Now the real fun begins as we prep the foundation for the building and then start to erected the building.


Attached are a few photos of the finished foundation.  We will be keeping you posted as we get ready for the next steps.



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FireSmart workshop

Mudge Island has an opportunity to send someone to

the Local FireSmart Representative Workshop that is coming up in Nanaimo
on February 6-7. Greg Hansen enrolled for the two day free workshop but will no longer be able to attend. Is there anybody interested in taking his spot?

The workshop will take place at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre
[1] starting at 8:30 AM and going until 4:30 PM each day.

Snacks and beverages will be provided and we will have a one hour break
for you to go for lunch, there are plenty of restaurant choices nearby.
Please dress comfortably and bring your own pen.You will receive the course material on the morning of Day 1.

This is a great opportunity for learning more about FireSmart for our community.

The thing to stress about FireSmart is it’s not just about cutting down trees. It’s a range of mostly small & simple steps homeowners can take to harden up their homes against fire if the bush goes up around them. Another thing to stress: these are hard-won lessons that have been learned by crews going in to burned-out areas like Kelowna & Ft. McMurray and figuring out why some structures survived while others did not.

We only have a couple days to confirm our spot at the workshop.

Please respond to this post or contact myself or Greg Hansen directly.

Cheers, Scott Flemming

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics

RDN Rainwater Collection Rebate Program Open For 2019

The Regional District has opened up the rebate program for 2019. I’ve included a link. For anyone needing another cistern, I still have a few in stock. You can’t have too much water stored for fire protection, gardening, and household use. Thanks, Chad

Thank you to all the volunteers.

A big thank you to everyone that showed up to help strip the foundation. Many hands made light work 😀.

 M.I.C.S find us on the web http://www.mudge.ca/fire

FYI in case anyone else was interested or waiting for the results.

We passed our 7 day test for the concrete mix and projection for the 28 day break is all good and above the 30MPa that was needed.



Thank you.
Philip Parsons


Another request for volunteers, sorry! Last time for this year I promise.

The pouring is done time for stripping……. 😀  Saturday Dec 8th 10am at the MICS property.  We have to strip the foundation and do a general cleanup. 
Please have work boots and a hammer and if you have one bring a crowbar. 
Thank you. 

  M.I.C.S find us on the web http://www.mudge.ca/fire

Just updated picture gallery for MICS.

The Big Pour pictures have just been posted and be found HERE click to follow link.  Foundation done, check.


RDN grant

Hello Everyone,


                          Well the hard work is continuing to pay off and the good news keeps coming. Not only did we have a fantastic turn out for the the big concrete work party last weekend, we also just received some great news from the RDN. At their regular meeting of the Board October 16th they agreed with the recommendation from the Community Grant Committee to award MICS with a $15,000. Community Grant. This money will be released to MICS in August. I want to thank the entire community of Mudge for their continued support and particularly want to thank Greg Hansen for his diligence and hard work over the last year crafting these applications on our behalf. What our small island community is able to accomplish never ceases to amaze me. We are all so fortunate to have such a strong and engaged community.


Keep up the good work Mudge Islanders your efforts are appreciated and are being rewarded.


Scott Flemming, President of MICS

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The big pour……The big thank you..

A huge thank you from the board of MICS.  It was a very successful day.  It began just after 9:30am and after the first 8 wheel barrow loads and two cement mixers going, morale was low and calculations were, to have to work until 4 am.  But then three more cement mixers came on line, and six to seven wheel barrows at a time started to flow, and just after lunch we were more than half way done.  And we got it completed in one day!  
Thank you very much everyone, from the workers, to the equipment loners and the catering crew, the support from this community is amazing.  It makes us all very proud to be part of a such an amazing community.  Including the Gabriolans that were here slogging it out with the rest of us.  Many, many thanks!!!

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The Big Pour Reminder!

A reminder to everyone that we will be pouring the concrete foundation for the MICS building this Saturday the 24th of November 9:30am

Some significant others have also gotten together and have all the food and snacks sorted out and scheduled (thank you for very much)!  If anyone wants to help out with this, please contact Rose Mathiesen mathiesenrose@gmail.com.  
If you have a wheel barrow and a shovel please bring that along. Also I have had a lot of questions and concerns about how we are going to do the pour.  The concrete mix plan has been given to us by the engineer and as I have said before we have to take test cans to ship out to a lab to test the strength of the concrete.  All of this has been organized and is ready to go.
See you Saturday at 9:30am
Thank you 
Philip Parsons, VP

M.I.C.S find us on the web http://www.mudge.ca/fire