Aug 28 Campfire Ban Rescinded

Hello everyone. I know I’m sleeping a little better now that we have gotten a bit of rain, with more in the forecast. As you can see from the attachment, the campfire ban has been lifted. Please read the attachment to familiarize yourself with what is the definition of a campfire. And please continue to be careful and responsible. We are still on a total shutdown for high risk activities, but expect this may change soon if the rain continues. I will send out an update when that happens. pdf icon Aug-28-Campfire-Ban-Rescinded.pdf

MICS Annual General Meeting Saturday, September 5, at 10 AM

The Mudge Island Citizens Society (MICS) will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on 


at the Lowsley cabin on 980 Seafern Lane

(See attached map for reference)

There will be free coffee, tea, water and baked goods for all attendees.

 Everyone is welcome to attend. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR!!

 We will also have our Mudge Gear for sale that morning! 
T-shirts, caps, toques, beer glasses, coffee mugs, chocolates, hoodies and more!

 We are looking forward to seeing you there!

 About MICS:
MICS is a community organization that operates and maintains our fire trucks, fire and medical equipment, and provides assistance during medical emergencies. We have provided Mudge Island with 3 Emergency Boxes – each with an AED and First Aid kit.

 We receive NO government funding, and operate solely through donations, the sale of our promotional products, and charity events here on the island.


MICS AUCTION – This Weekend!!

Sunday, August 2nd at Brenda’s red barn.

Doors open at noon.

Live music at 2pm

Auction at 5pm.

Added new items for sale section

Site now has a section that is dedicated to “items for sale”. If you would like any item to be listed please submit a request to info@ making certain to include a picture, how much the item is and a way for people to get in touch with you.

New Site layout

Welcome to the new site Layout for  I have removed the forum as no one was using it, if anyone wants to have the ability to submit posts about different sections of the site or updates please email info@ and we will enable to create an account for you to do so.  Otherwise just submit your ideas and updates as normal to info@ and we will update the lists for you.