Campfire Precautions. Please read attachment

Hello everyone. Just thought I should put out an attachment containing some guidelines for your campfire. We are experiencing some very high winds again this summer, and wind is a very important factor to include in your decision to lighting and maintaining your fire. Please follow proper size, fire breaks, have tools and water on hand, and please consider wind strength and direction. There is plenty of fuel on the ground and throughout the forest on our own properties as well as our neighbours. If a fire starts on the island in this wind, we will have a very serious situation on our hands. A campfire can be enjoyable on a cool evening, but please use common sense. If you cause a wildfire, please remember that you can be the one on the hook for it when the costs are totalled up. Please read the attachment closely. Also, a suggestion has come to me to encourage people to try to deal with ground fuels on their properties in a safe manner. Probably best done during the wetter months. Here’s hoping for a problem free summer. Chad pdf icon StovesCampfires.pdf

BCFS Wildfire newsletter

There’s a bit of basic fire science here, as well as a few tips on how to be fire smart. You will notice that there are no burning restrictions yet, but I would expect some changes to this soon. If anyone has any inquiries, feel free to get ahold of me. If I don’t have the answer, I will do my best to get one from above for you. Chad

pdf icon Issue-1-May-6-Wildfire-News.pdf

Danger Class – BC Wildfire Service – Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource

Hello everyone. Our area is now on early shift. That means 1pm shutdown for all “high risk” activities, followed by a 2 hour fire watch. I have included a link to the Danger Class rating page. It shows a list of weather stations throughout BC. We fall under the Cedar weather station. This does not stop you from mowing your lawns, or splitting your firewood. Though firewood should be done on the road and not in the slash. Please practice common sense and err on the side of caution. There has already been a fire on one of the neighbouring islands that the BCFS dealt with recently. This wind is drying out our island in a hurry, and if a fire started, this wind would make things much more difficult to deal with. Once again, it’s a good time to dust off your firefighting equipment. Hopefully it will not be needed.

I will see you all at the annual pancake breakfast this May long weekend at Dodd Narrows.






Firewood work party

Hello everyone,
Our first firewood processing work party has been scheduled for this Saturday, May 7that the MICS property. 
As we are moving into early shift the work party will be from 9am-1pm
The first thing we will be doing is bucking the pile of logs into 16" rounds. Some wood may be split that day but with the hot weather we would like to get all the bucking done as soon as possible. 
If you are available to help please bring yourself some food and refreshments and wear appropriate eye and ear protection,work clothes, gloves and foot wear. Please bring any chainsaws, fuel and bar oil that you have available. 

Hope we have a good turnout. 

Scott Flemming 

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web

MICS property update.

Hello Everyone,

The board of directors at MICS are trying to keep the island as updated as possible with the comings and goings of the society and any recent developments at the MICS property. 


Phase one of the lot clearing is complete, we have a couple of different building sites in mind for the property and will be looking at both options closer. 


Next on our to do list is to install power at the shipping container, B.C. Hydro has placed the necessary transformer on the hydro pole adjacent to the property and the fees for final hook up has already been paid. Tom Frenette has been very helpful with the design work and material sourcing for the installation and will be pulling the permits and doing the wiring. We hope to have hydro on site in the next week or two. 


We have firewood on the property that we will be processing and selling by the cord, the money from the sale of firewood will help to offset some of our development costs. Price of cords has not been established yet and we are not reserving cords for anybody at this time. Just keep in mind it will be coming up if you are interest in firewood and I will post more info as it becomes available. 


We will be having a work party on the property sometime in the near future, (date and time still to be decided)  the work party will be for processing firewood and we would welcome any volunteer labour that is offered. We will be bucking, splitting and stacking the firewood into cords. Please let us know if you are available to help. I will send out another e-mail and Facebook post when the work party date and time is decided. 


Thank you for your continued support and keep an eye out for more updates. 


Scott Flemming and the board of a MICS



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Wildfire season is here: Be ready

Moving day for the sea-can

Today a group got together to help with the moving of the sea-can onto the new MICS property. Check in on the webpage, the Mudge Facebook page for more info and updates on the comings and goings of your community group MICS.

Thanks again to everyone in the community for your continued support as we continue to grow.

Scott Flemming

Ground breaking day for MICS

Clearing has begun on our new lot, our future home and the location of our emergency preparedness building and equipment. 
Thanks to all the members of our community that continue to support us in our efforts to supply  and maintain firefighting and emergency equipment for all the residents and property owners of Mudge Island.



image image image image image image image

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Fines to triple under amended wildfire laws

BC Wildfire Service has announced:


3/10/2016 12:05 PM


VICTORIA – The B.C. government is taking a tougher stand to discourage behaviour that contributes to increased wildfire risks, to help protect communities, natural resources and infrastructure from wildfire damage.


Additional legislative changes will result in significantly increased ticket fines for 19 different violations under the Wildfire Act and for seven different violations under Wildfire Regulation. These changes mean that British Columbia now has some of the highest wildfire-related violation ticket fines in the country.


For example, the fine for failing to comply with a fire restriction under the Wildfire Act is increasing from $345 (including a $45 victim surcharge) to $1,150 (including a $150 victim surcharge). This represents a 333.33% increase over the old fine for that offence.



To see complete notice follow this link.     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web



MICS has a transformer installed

Another step closer. Tuesday March 1st 2016 is the day that MICS has a transformer installed to allow power to be brought to our new property. Thanks for the photos Chad. >