Moving forward with another mile stone.

More hard work was done in the last few days and the back wall on our building has been completed. A huge thank you for all the hard work guys, it’s alway great to see how we come together to complete a project. 

Philip Parsons 

Exciting news for MICS

After much hard work on behalf of MICS, our Chief Grant Writer extraordinaire along with a few assistants, have once again secured an amazing amount of funding from the Province of British Columbia Community Gaming Grant.  We have received the amount of $27,850.00. 


This money is welcomed during this time of Covid and was requested for specific items that we are now able to move ahead with to continue improvements to our infrastructure and continue to live up to our Constitution:  To provide support for fire prevention, firefighting equipment & emergency services on Mudge Island.


This grant funding includes the following items:


Bathrooms for new building  — Legal requirement to complete our building permit

More cisterns to increase our water holding capacity

Flammable Drum Storage

Large pump for Tanker


First Aid supplies

Vehicle insurance and fuel.


Like most grants, they never meet the amounts requested or fully needed, however, these funds we will be able to accomplish a few of the items on our list.


Sincere thank you to all Mudge Island residents for your continued support.


Philip Parsons and the Board of MICS

Vice President


Moorage for sale on Mudge Island

Safe and secure moorage for sale on Mudge Island.

Tired of worrying about your boat on the beach? Tired of launching and retrieving your boat? How about crawling around rocks at a low tide? There is a safe and secure moorage alternative available at the Moonshine Cove Yacht Club. This facility, with new docks and 24 hour video monitoring provides a sheltered moorage in the biggest storms. 

We are moving from Mudge Island so are offering our membership for sale. We are asking $22,500.00.

If you are interested, please call us at 250.213.9631, or simply reply to this email.

Best regards,

Lynn and Doug MacDonald
Mudge Island BC

Fire prohibitions lifting tomorrow at noon. Please read

 Hello all. I have just received this notice that as of tomorrow at noon, fire restrictions are back to normal. Backyard burning will be permitted, but please do so responsibly. Please read through the attachment to familiarize yourself. Here’s wishing you all a safe winter.


Fire Hazard Status Update/Regular Shift

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all collecting all this rain. We have hit a 2 at the Cedar weather station, therefore putting us back in regular shift. We are still limited to campfires only. Campfires are limited to a half metre. Wishing you all a comfortable winter.

A good day building at the MICS hall.

A good day was had doing more building on the MICS hall.  Thank you for everyone who has dontated and has put there time into helping with the build.  
Getting closer to completing.

Fire Hazard Status Update/Early Shift

 Hello again. We are once again in Early Shift for “high risk” activities. This means we need to cease activities by 1pm, followed by a two hour fire watch. I have included a screenshot of the list as defined by the province. Here’s hoping the smoky skys clear up soon. Chad

Fire Status Update/Full Shutdown

> As we have hit our third day of Danger Class 5 at Cedar Weather Station, we are now on full shutdown for high risk activities. Here’s hoping we can finish our summer on Mudge without any serious incidents! Safety to you all.
> Chad >

RDN has new emergency notification system – Gabriola on-island registration event this Wednesday September 9th!

From: “Craig, Vanessa” <;

Subject: RDN has new emergency notification system – Gabriola on-island registration event this Wednesday September 9th!

Hello everyone,

As community groups with an interest in emergency preparedness and/or with your connection to various on-island groups and extensive lists, I’m hoping you can distribute the following to your email lists. The RDN is switching to a new emergency notification system as of October 1st. Of note is that RDN staff will be at the Gabriola Fire Hall this Wednesday September 9th between 10 am-2 pm to help residents that would like assistance in registering for this service. I’m hoping you can distribute this information through your email lists. Note that you can always connect to RDN staff for help at 250-390-4111 or 1-877-607-4111 or email



The RDN is moving to a new emergency alert system as of October 1st (even if you are signed up for Connect Rocket you need to sign up for Voyent Alert! because information isn’t automatically transferred). You can sign up to receive alerts via telephone, email, text, or a combination. You can also sign up to receive alerts for various locations (eg if you work in Nanaimo or your child goes to school in Nanaimo, you can sign up to receive alerts for your home or other locations).


If you would like assistance to get registered and you’re going to be on Gabriola, RDN staff will be at the main Gabriola Fire Hall between 10-2 pm on Wednesday September 9 and can answer your questions and get you signed up. You can learn more about Voyent Alert! and register here: For assistance registering call 250-390-4111 or 1-877-607-4111 or email


**Please remember – do not attend the in-person sessions if you are not feeling well, have travelled outside the Country in the past 14 days or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. These sessions will be held outside and 2m physical distance will be maintained as well as proper sanitization procedures.

Voyent Alert! allows residents, businesses or visitors to receive messages through an app, text message, voice call or email for critical events such as extreme weather or wildfires. As well, a user can opt in or out of day to day communications such as RDN Service Alerts and Public Notices for recreation and parks alerts, watermain flushing and more.


Voyent Alert! is a robust alert system that will allow the RDN to send geographically referenced alerts. A user can subscribe to receive any types of alerts they would like and for multiple locations including home, school and work. Information included in the alert can include maps, pdf images, text and web links.





Vanessa Craig

RDN Director Area B (Gabriola, Mudge, and DeCourcy Islands)

T 250.741.4589


For the latest information about the RDN’s response to COVID-19, see




Vanessa Craig

RDN Director Area B (Gabriola, Mudge, and DeCourcy Islands)

T 250.741.4589


For the latest information about the RDN’s response to COVID-19, see


2020 BCWS Update/Fire Hazard Status

Hi there everyone. Here’s the latest update from the Forest Service. Reiterating the need to remain vigilant as we go into another stretch of hot and dry weather. It’s pretty short and worth reading. Let’s continue to stay safe. Chad