Heading into Fire Season

As we are heading into Fire season couple of items MICS would like to bring to your attention for the upcoming season.



Be sure your address is easily visible from the road on a dark night.  Locate it beside your driveway or access point, to eliminate confusion over the correct access to use.  The time spent searching for your home may mean the difference between stopping or slowing the spread of the fire to the rest of the island. MICS is NOT a fire department so we cannot fight structure fires, but that does not mean the home owner cannot grab a hose and put water on the house or shed. Our goal is to contain the spread as much as possible. 



MICS Personal respond to incidents in personal vehicles with the 4 WAY FLASHERS ON.  Please allow them the right of way and sorry for any dust or speeding. 


WHATSAPP Emergency Group:

MICS created a WhatsApp notification group to keep the island notified about any emergency situations on the island. This group is for emergency use only and has come in handy a few times already.  If you do not belong to the group and would like to, please install the WhatsApp app from any devices app store and then add Philip Parsons 250-818-2879 or Dale Erickson 250-755-9994 as a contact and send us a WhatsApp message asking to join the group, please include your full name.   A reminder if you get a new phone or phone number you will need to reinstall the app or else you will automatically be removed from the group.




  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


New Pump

Hello Everyone,

The Mudge Island Citizens Society would like to thank Dale and Jana Erikson, Vancouver Island Honda and Honda Canada for a generous donation of a 2” portable Honda fire pump. This pump will be mounted on truck #1 (red bush truck) to replace the older existing mounted pump. The older pump will be fully serviced and put back into action as a portable secondary pump. Thank you very much. This pump is an excellent addition to our inventory and we are excited about getting it mounted on the truck.

Scott Flemming and the Board of M.I.C.S.

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics

Coastal Wildfire News May 8, 2020

Please find attached the first Coastal Wildfire News of the season.


The newsletter has a new look and now contains more articles from a Provincial scope.


As always feel free to contact us with your questions and/or comments.


Thanks all and stay safe!


FireSmart BC – Help Us Spread the Word About FireSmart

Good day, 


We are pleased to share a public information program undertaken by FireSmartBC. By way of introduction, the BC Wildfire Service is an active partner with FireSmartBC, along with fire departments, municipalities, and emergency programs in B.C. to collaboratively maintain and improve the BC FireSmart program.


We hope you are interested and able to help spread the word of this valuable program.


FireSmart BC is very excited to announce the launch of a fully integrated public relations campaign this spring/summer to spread the word about FireSmart throughout BC and we need your help!


The overall theme is focused on celebrity spokesperson Bryan Reid Sr. from the hit HGTV Show Timber Kings’ and his personal story about losing his business to wildfire. Bryan is now an advocate for wildfire prevention and preparedness.  

By using a video series, digital advertising, social media advertising and public relations campaigns, we will work to bring the value and message of FireSmart to British Columbia.   

Coming into wildfire season, the public relations campaign is designed to inspire homeowners and community leaders to take action.  We encourage you and/or your organization to spend time each week engaging with and supporting the FireSmart social communities.  


If you wish to share this information on your social media platforms,  please use this link: https://firesmartbc.ca/bryan-reids-firesmart-tips/ 


We have also attached a copy of BC FireSmart’s Social Media Handbook to assist you with sharing our message.  Inside the social media handbook is a Campaign Content Calendar (a sample of the calendar is shown below).  This useful calendar lists important campaign dates throughout this public relations campaign which will be running from April 27th to mid-July.  


We ask that you like, comment and share these informative posts across all FireSmart BC’s Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This also includes using the #FireSmartBC hashtag and tagging the official FireSmartBC Social Media accounts.  This interaction is critical for FireSmart BC to reach new audiences across British Columbia.  

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Thank you – with your help, we will be able to share actionable insights to people in their personal and community networks across British Columbia. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact FireSmart BC at info@firesmartbc.ca“>info@firesmartbc.ca.


For FireSmart questions specific to the Coastal Fire Centre area, please contact Jessica Duncan at Jessica.Duncan@gov.bc.ca


Cheers, and stay safe. 

MICS Incident report.

Thursday April 30 2020

Today,  M.I.C.S. equipment and members of the community responded to a report of a structure fire on Driftwood Dr. 

The initial report came from a neighbour using the M.I.C.S Emergency call out group on WhatsApp.  The call came in at 4:07 pm and many people answered back that they were responding. Chad was the first to depart the hall with truck #1and was on scene by 4:12 with water being pumped on the fire by 4:14. In my opinion that is a remarkable response time for an initial attack. I met with Alex and Philip at the hall and readied more equipment to be brought to the fire. I brought down both portable water tanks, Alex brought the tanker truck and Philip topped up truck #2 before arriving on site.

Once all the water on truck #1 had been used it was decided to set up a portable pump from a cistern on the property where the fire was. We had mechanical issues with the portable pump we selected and had to switch it out with a pump provided by the property owner. Soon after the portable pump was set up and operational the tanker arrived and shortly after that truck #2 arrived and truck #1 returned after leaving to get more water. The portable water reservoir was set up beside the tanker and filled with water. Truck #2 was positioned and the booster hose was put into service. Another portable pump was set up by the reservoir and now three attack lines were working. The structures involved in the fire were a pump shed and a firewood shed with other exposed structures very near by. The fire was contained to these two buildings with minor damage, a broken window, occurring to a neighbouring garage. 
Once the flames were knocked down a group of responders using shovels and Pulaski axes pulled apart the firewood piles and opened up walls of the pump shed so that hot spots could be found and extinguished. The firewood shed was near collapse and it was decided to do a controlled collapse on it rather than letting it fall on it’s own. Mop up and hot spot detection went on for awhile once the fire was out.
Once we we confident that no more flare ups would occur we made the call to pack up equipment and take it away for cleaning before putting it back on the trucks. A length of hose and a nozzle was left with the property owner to use with his pump and cistern for continued mop up if necessary.
Unused water in the portable tank was pumped back into truck #2 and the tanker(truck #3) We departed the site around 5:30 pm. Truck #2 went back to the hall, truck #3 went to the cisterns for a final top up and truck #1 was brought to the Bell’s Farm to be used for hose wash down. All hand tools, portable tanks and hoses were cleaned and put away. The one faulty pump was taken to Alex’s work shop for repair.


Structure fire Driftwood Dr.
M.I.C.S. equipment used. 3 trucks, 2 portable pumps, one portable water reservoir, numerous hand tools and radios. Hose washer.

Volunteers responding 25-30 with about 15 actively assisting in the hands on fire fight.

Personal observations:

I think that a solid effort was put forward and that the response was good. We still need to work on fire ground and human resource management. Great turn out of volunteers, more than were needed but that is always better than not enough. Things to remember when responding; wear suitable clothing, long sleeves and pants made of fire resistant materials. Rain gear is not recommended as it is flammable and can melt onto your skin. Work gloves, hard hat and sturdy non flammable foot wear.
Please park your vehicles leaving keys in the ignition away from the staging area as we will have large equipment coming and going and they need lots of room for this activity. Had this fire been larger or not easily contained we would have needed everyone who attended to work. This doesn’t mean everyone is going to be working at once as people will need to be spelled out for a rest or water etc. Not all human resources will be used for actual fire fighting either. We need people doing traffic control and people organizing volunteers as they arrive in a separate staging area.
Even though we had mechanical issues with one of our portable pumps all of the other equipment deployed performed well in it’s intended purpose.
Weather was on our side as it was a pretty rainy day with not a lot of wind. Had conditions been dryer with some wind we may have had a much larger incident with possible spot fires popping up on neighbouring properties.

As we move into fire season please be extra careful in your activities around the island and on your property.

Thank you to all the volunteers who answered the call and came to help. 

Scott Flemming and the Board of M.I.C.S

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics

MICS update.

; text-indent:0px”>Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter. Let’s together continue to flatten the curve. Refrain from non essential travel and follow social distancing protocols.

Scott Flemming and the board of MICS
     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics

Category 2 and 3 Prohibitions

BC Wildfire Service 

Business Continuity and COVID-19

April 7, 2020


The COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation remains dynamic in British Columbia and elsewhere around the world, and we recognize this causes concern for many of our partners and stakeholders. The BC Wildfire Service continues to prepare for the 2020 freshet and wildfire seasons and is adapting in response to changing conditions.

Typically, human-caused fires are more common in the spring due to field and debris burning.  By enacting an earlier provincewide burning prohibition, the BC Wildfire Service anticipates a reduction in human-caused wildfires. This will minimize the need to deploy staff, which help to reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19. 


Office closures and contact information

To help limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and well-being of employees and the public, reception areas and in-person services at all BC Wildfire Service office locations are temporarily closed. We are also cancelling all face-to-face meetings.

During these closures, the BC Wildfire Service can be reached in the following ways:

    • Report a wildfire: 1 800 663-5555 or *5555 on a cell
    • Fire information line: 1 888 336-7378
    • Burn registration line: 1 888 797-1717
    • Twitter: @BCGovFireInfo
    • Facebook: BC Wildfire Service
    • Phone: Coastal Fire Centre (Parksville): 250 951-4209


    MICS Update

    Hello All,


    Everyone at MICS hopes this e-mail finds you and your family heathy and happy as we navigate our way through these trying times. Unfortunately MICS is having to cancel our annual Pancake Breakfast that we normally host on the May long weekend. This has been an important event over the years as it’s an opportunity to renew memberships, and raise some funds to help us continue with the work that we are doing for the whole community of Mudge Island. We understand tough and financially trying times are ahead and expect our revenues to be way down over the next little while. Please check out the Mudge web page to see if there is a way you can continue to support MICS by renewing your membership or making a donation. http://www.mudge.ca/pancake


    MICS response to needs of assistance during the pandemic. Please know that we are still here to assist you in anyway we can during a medical emergency. We have been in contact with both the BC Ambulance Service and I have spoken one of the crews of the Nanaimo Port Authority. Members of our community have also reached out to the Ambulance Service to request some PPE for our community members that are willing and able to respond to a medical emergency for someone that may be in isolation or under quarantine. Please remember that we are your neighbour and friends and we will help you any way that we can, while remembering that we are not trained healthcare professionals or professional first responders. It is our hope that we will all get through this as a community and that we will return to some normalcy sooner than later.


    MICS will continue to up date you as new information or changes are presented to us. 


    MICS Vice President Phil Parsons has joined a comittee called GERRC, Gabriola Emergency Response and Recovery Committee. There are five different working groups within the committee all working on different aspects.


    The working groups are as follows


    a. Acute



    d.Social Safety Net



    As this committee and it’s working groups come up with solutions and protocols MICS will be included in the information sharing and we will do our part to keep the community of Mudge Island updated.


    Thank you all for your continued support. Stay safe and check in by phone, email or text with your neighbours and vulnerable members of your communities.



    Scott Flemming and the Board of MICS 


         Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


    VIP Residential Services

    Hello fellow Mudgekins,

    I am opening up my business here on MUDGE to include building, maintenance, plumbing, electrical, computer, and transport to complement my backhoe services. For many years now, I have been active supporting my neighbours and friends in a variety of ways while we all care for our homes and properties here on MUDGE.  By adding these services officially I hope to expand my services to our new neighbours and friends. 

    I am now offering my services officially in my role as a one- man-band, so to speak, and jack-of-all- trades.  This new venture will allow me to enjoy more time here on the island helping others maintain, build, fix and finish projects of many kinds here on Mudge.  Please see the services offered at http://www.mudge.ca/vip and should you need any ideas, help, direction, expertise, please let me know. I look forward to offering my services and working with you in any of your ventures here on MUDGE! 


    We accept all credit cards and interac payment’s.


    Philip Parsons




    jack of tradesBe a VIP.  Find us on the web mudge.ca/vip 1-250-818-2879


    Open Fire Prohibitions

    Open Fire Prohibitions
    • Definition of open fires
    The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with provincial public health partners, has issued open burning restrictions for all High Smoke Sensitivity Zones across the province until Wednesday, April 15, 2020. These restrictions are directly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect pollutants have on viral respiratory infections.
    The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy’s media release can be found here .
    All of the areas effected by this open burning restriction, as well as other restrictions from venting conditions, can be found on the provincial Interactive Venting Index webpage .

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics