MICS Auction info

The MICS auction donations have been great this year as always, the time for donations is now closed as we need to prepare all of the lists and get ready for the auction.  A big thank you to everyone that donated.  We have 28 items that will be up for bidding as we try to do a Covid friendly auction ;-)..


All auction items will be represented by a picture on display at the new MICS hall at the top of lovers loop.  There will be a ballet box and ballets available to fill out for any items you are wanting to bid on, each day we will be updating the highest bid on each item daily so you will need to check back to the site and watch for emails about the updates.  Please try and bring your own pen and make certain to fill in all the forms 100% so that we can make it a successful event…  more info to follow.


The Auction will run Aug 15th to 23rd 2020.




  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


Fire Hazard Status Update/Full Shutdown

> As we have hit our third day in a row of Danger Class 5, we are now on a full shutdown for high risk activities. There is no campfire ban yet, and yes, you can still mow your lawn and use your weed whacker and your leaf blower. Should things change, I’ll do my best to inform you. Hope everyone has a great long weekend. Chad > >

MICS Silent Auction Update.

We have some great Items but there is always room for more ;-). This is a reminder that we are fast approaching the cut off date (August 8th) for auction items so if you are interested in donating anything please send and email to mics@mudge.ca with a Picture and a description of the item being put up for consideration.


This auction is our major fund raising event for the year and as always Mudge always steps up, so thank you in advance.


Would also like to mention that some volunteers are going to be opening the Mudge gear store this Sunday and Monday 10 till 2pm, so if you are in need of any T shirts, mugs, glasses, hats and much much more please stop in and check it all out.  We take cash, cheq and or any major credit card..




  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


Coastal Fire Centre newsletter July 31, 2020

Attached is the latest Coastal Fire Centre newsletter for July 31, 2020.


Have a great, safe, long weekend.




You can view the issue online at the link below. Downloading is not recommended, as the site downloads advertising which becomes part of the document.



Fire Hazard Status Update/Early Shift

> > We are now on early shift for high risk activities as defined by the BCWS. > That means a 1pm shutdown, followed by a 2 hour fire watch. Thanks, Chad >

Donation of Equipment

For years now we have amazing support from the GVFD (Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department), whether training, support or equipment donations.  They have just donated a large quantity of CABA (compressed air breathing apparatus) masks bottles and packs, along with a couple stretchers.  The CABA is used to keep the first responder safe from all the toxins during a fire, these units would be used on Mudge if we were unlucky enough to have another house fire and or vehicle fire.


A huge thank you to GVFD.


Pictures attached:



Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


MICS Silent Auction Update.

Hello again everyone,


Our August 8th cut-off date for this year’s silent auction is fast approaching and we are still looking for auction item donations, for the auction to be held Covid style at the new hall.


If you have and items you would like to donate please give accurate descriptions and pictures via email to mics@mudge.ca of the items you would like to offer up for auction and the board will review and respond. The community of Mudge Island has always been generous and supportive and we hope that will continue through this strange and difficult time.


We only have a few items at the moment and although they are great ones, we hope to be able to offer you a larger variety of fine auction items.


Hope everyone is enjoying the sun now it has come out, and please be safe out there.


Philip Parsons Vice President MICS


  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics


17 July 2020 Coastal Wildfire News

Good Afternoon Everyone,


This edition highlights the hard work of Unit Crews – it includes what their roles are, where they are located and why their work is so important. We have also included a short write-up about each of the Unit Crews working in Coastal.


A link for digital sharing is here: https://issuu.com/bcws.cofcinformationofficer/docs/issue_6_17_july_2020_coastal_wildfire_news. Please do not print from this site.


Enjoy your weekend,




Information Section

Coastal Fire Centre
BC Wildfire Service  |  Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations

and Rural Development

Phone: 250 951-4209

Report Wildfires: 1 800 663-5555 or *5555




2020 July 3 Coastal Wildfire News

Please find attached a copy of the Coastal Wildfire News for this rainy Friday July 3rd.


We recommend this link for sharing but do not recommend printing from it: https://issuu.com/bcws.cofcinformationofficer/docs/3_july_2020_coastal_wildfire_news


The last page of this edition is rotated. My apologies but the format was such that it could not be easily read in a portrait orientation. The graph is a good reminder that August 1st is the height of fire season and typically, has an increased number of fire starts both human-caused and natural.


If you have any comments, queries or requests please feel free to contact the Coastal Information Section. If you would like to forward photos of your FireSmart activities we would be happy to see them and share them out.


Thank you,


MICS Notice.

Hello Everyone


Well it seems as though the warmer weather has finally arrived. We would like to remind everyone to be careful and vigilant should you decide to do any burning at this time of year. We at MICS will be keeping an eye on the Ministry of Forests web page and will do our best to keep you informed of any bans or restrictions in place.

http://bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca/hprScripts/WildfireNews/Bans.asp  There are currently no bans or restrictions in place for our area but this could quickly change as things start to dry out and the weather continues to warm. 


Here is a link to information on having a safe and legal camp fire http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/public-safety-and-emergency-services/wildfire-status/fire-bans-and-restrictions/bcws_campfireposter.pdf


Here is a summary of open burning regulations for BC and an explanation of the different categories of fire http://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/public-safety-and-emergency-services/wildfire-status/fire-bans-and-restrictions/ofr_poster_-_email_distribution_72dpi_no_bleeds.pdf 


As always these links are available on www.mudge.ca/mics


Please be especially careful on windy days and make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your fire. If you have any doubt whether it is safe or not to burn please err on the side of caution.


Have a great and a safe summer.



  Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web www.mudge.ca/mics