Fire equipment practice session.

Hello All

This Sunday, June 24 at 10 AM MICS will be hosting a fire fighting equipment practice session. This is open to all members of the community and their friends or guests. 
We will be running a refresher style session, going over all our existing equipment and will also be covering proper use of our new vhf radios. 
I hope many of you will be able to join us at 10AM this Sunday at the MICS property
Cheers, Scott Flemming and the MICS Board. 

     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web


Just wanted to remind the community that MICS will be hosting the annual fundraiser auction on the Sunday of this years August long weekend. 

The date this year is Sunday August 5th. 
We are again fortunate to have access to Brenda Peacock’s red barn property and are looking forward to a fun filled day. 

We are super stoked to welcome Juno Award winning David Gogo to MudgeFest this year. David will be performing solo acoustic/electric sets for us. Check out his web page with links to songs and videos.
We are also very happy to have newly minted Mudge Islanders Steve Tozer and Sandy Jasper Tozer of Elf Song join us in music and mirth as we come together in celebration of Mudge Island to raise funds for our fire protection. 
Check out Elf Song at
As our preparation gets into full swing we will be sharing posters with more information. Now is a great time to start thinking of how you can contribute to this years event. We will be putting out requests for auction items and are also open to suggestions of what the island thinks we could do to improve on this fun and successful fundraising event. 
Please reach out to myself or any of the other MICS board of directors. 

Looking forward to August. 

Scott Flemming, MICS President 
     Thank You.  M.I.C.S find us on the web

Fire Hazard Status Update

> We have had our third danger class 4 in a row, so we are now on a 1pm shutdown for high risk activities. There is a two hour fire watch required following such activities. I have attached a link to the list of high risk activities as per the BC Wildfire Service. Chad >

500 Challenge Correction

> I know I said I wasn’t going to post names anymore regarding this challenge. But as I cut off the naming of names yesterday, I wanted to make it clear that I missed a couple of donors last week. One would be Pete and Faye Bratton, and the other would be the Lowsleys. I want to also note that the Lowsleys have always made their home available for MICS meetings, with the fire lit, and coffee on, and always made us feel very welcome. Both these donations were made a week ago, and it somehow got away on me. > Now as I said, after yesterday, any other names won’t be mentioned. But I can tell you that even since then, donations have continued to come in. You know who you are. Please feel free to contact myself or anyone else on our board of directors should you decide to make a contribution. Thanks again, Chad >

500 Challenge Update

> I am pleased to announce that donations continue to come in. The Ohara’s stopped me on the street the other day and got in on the challenge. We have also received a donation from another anonymous donor. So this challenge, started by the Stewards has brought in more than $11,500 in less than two weeks! Not bad at all. > I will not be mentioning donors names regarding this challenge in the future. I want you to all know that the society appreciates all the donations and participation at other fund raisers as well, and sweat equity that you all donate all year round. It all makes a difference. Should any of you care to continue with donations, please feel free to contact me or any others on the MICS board of directors. We have accomplished so much, but still have a road ahead of us. > Our building should be showing up any day in Nanaimo. > Thank you one more time. See you all at the auction in August. Chad >

500 Challenge update and corrections

Hello everyone. Yes I am sending out another update. And I would also like to formally apologize to two families that donated to this challenge early on. I was traveling at the time and I slipped up. I have just gone through the list and have noticed that I missed the Alexanders and the Isaacs. They both jumped right in with both feet with a donation of $500 each early on. My apologies to both of them. They’re both very generous and very community minded families. This was my mistake.
I would also like to ad to the list, Parsons, Derek Brown and Windeckers. Thanks to all of you for all of your donations. This is a community project that we are all building together. Everywhere I look, I see someone that has somehow contributed toward this common goal. 
Thank you, Chad


The 500 Challenge Update

I don’t want to be a bother, but I do want to give a shout out to everyone that has gotten on board with Rick and Sherry Stewards $500 donation challenge. Latest donations have been from the McDowells, Tony Hake, Micheal and Mandy Brown (last time when I said the Browns, I meant Les and Barb Brown), Jennisons, McCulloughs, and Elise and Cameron. And let me make mention of how Elise and Cameron decided to do this. They decided to donate $50 each month for the next 10 months. I gotta say I like the creativity.
Thanks to all of you for all your recent donations. This will put us over $9000 regarding this “500 Challenge”! And once again, a big thank you to those that have also given in the past. I’ve seen people cut cheques for MICS from $20-$2000 over the years. Remember, you can get a tax receipt for your donations.
The building will be in Nanaimo this month. Shortly thereafter we will have it on Mudge. We’re giving it all we have, and if I can speak for the others, I want to say thank you to the entire community. I’ve attached the schematic of the front of the building that MICS sent out the other day. Thanks again, Chad

Fire Hazard Status Update

Hello everyone. With the last couple days being rainy and a bit cooler, we are now back to regular shift for high risk activities. There is still a one hour fire watch if you are performing these activities. Please always perform these activities with the utmost safety. > And a reminder that we are on campfire only status. > Thanks again, Chad

Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire News Issue 3


In the third issue of Wildfire News, we focus on human-forest interactions.

If there is anything you would like us to cover in our newsletter, please suggest it to us.

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Coastal Fire Centre Information Team

Coastal Fire Centre Wildfire News Issue 2


In the second issue of Wildfire News, we cover topics such as jurisdiction, what to report and where to report it and get into the differences between categories of open fires.

If there is anything you would like us to cover in our newsletter, please suggest it to us. We want to make our publication relevant to the people we serve.

Have a great weekend!

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Coastal Fire Centre Information Team