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M.I.C.S rollout log


Rollout dateTrucks involvedDescription
July 1st,2020red-truck

Fire on Link Island
May 18th , 2020No MICS Trucks rolledUnattended fire on property larger than a campfire, owner contacted and fire extinguished.
April 30th, 2020red-truck

White Pumper
A structure fire on Driftwood Dr. The initial report came from a neighbour using the M.I.C.S Emergency call out group on WhatsApp. The call came in at 4:07 pm and many people responded. The Pump House and Wood Pile where lost but no injuries where reported.
April 9th, 2020No MICS Trucks rolledUnattended fire on beach reported to MICS, responded and found that people where attending but not at fire, a conversation was had pointing out the rules and compliance was met.
April 7, 2020No MICS TrucksCampfire on Link left burning MICS President was on scene for different reason and extinguished the fire
November 29th 2019No MICS Trucks Used.
AED and first aid packs brought to site
Medical evac, Mudge resident, Found unconscious on floor, Harbour Patrol to Nanaimo
November 11th 2019No MICS Trucks Used.Rescue stranded kayaker
September 23rd 2019No MICS Trucks Used.Medical evac, Mudge resident feeling dizzy and sick Taken to Gabriola Island handed off to Gab First responders
August 27th 2019No MICS Trucks Used.Medical evac, Mudge resident fell out of tree Evac'ed to Gabriola Island
August 18th 2019No MICS Trucks Used.Beach fire left unattended at link beach doused with sea water and reported to BCW
June 6th 2019No MICS Trucks Used. First Aid kitMedical evac, Mudge resident, Crushed and cut finger in Log splitter, Harbour Patrol to Nanaimo
May 4th 2019No MICS Trucks Used.
Emergency Blankets, AED, First Aid kit
Medical evac, Mudge resident, Rolled ATV, Helicoptered to Victoria
Jan 20th 2019No MICS TrucksMedical evac, Mudge resident, Dizzy, weak, short of breath.
Dec 8th 2018No MICS trucks were rolled, Medical Kit and AED brought to siteMedical evac
Sept 2nd 2018No MICS trucks were rolledCall out for smoke smell was investigated and it was found to be a smell of smoke
from nanaimo fires.
July 25th 2018red-truck

White Pumper
House fire and multiple spot fires around the area, the house was lost but containment of the fire spreading was accomplished. All equipment was used.
July 17th 2018No MICS trucks were rolledSmoke haze in False Narrows was reported MICS investigated and reported no concern to Mudge.
July 3rd 2018red-truckCall out for smoke smell Truck 1 rolled and investigated and it was found to be a legal campfire and and wood stove in a house.
Mar 12th 2018No MICS trucks used wheel chair and stretcher taken to siteMedical call out for heavy equipment roll over (Recalled)
Mar 5th 2018red-truckChimney Fire
Jan 18th 2018No MICS trucks usedMedical Evac to Gabriola medical clinic
Dec 30 th 2017No Trucks used, AED on site along with wheel chairMedical Evac
May 22nd 2017red-truck
Abandoned burn pile, Fire was extinguished.
May 18th 2017No Trucks used, AED brought alongPossible Missing person as Mudge resident missed scheduled check in call.
February 15th 2017No Trucks used, AED and med kit brought on siteMedical Evac Mudge resident major pain in the lower back. Moved resident to moonshine cove and Nanaimo harbour patrol and BC ambulance met at cove, for transport to Nanaimo hospital.
August 20th 2016red-truckMedical Evac Mudge resident major pain in the lower back. Moved resident to moonshine cove and Nanaimo harbour patrol and BC ambulance met at cove.
August 13th 2016No Trucks usedMilitary flare found on beach, military contacted and they sent a rib to collect the flare and to deal with correctly.
July 25th 2016No Trucks usedMedical evacuation, Port authority brought paramedics.
July 14th 2016No Trucks UsedMedical Evac Mudge resident possible stroke
May 30th 2016red-truck
Month and half old burn started up again.
May 25th 2016red-truck

White Pumper
Phone call from islander noticed fire on bank above water line. South end of Island was able to extinguish.
Sept 29th 2015red-truck

phone call from Gabriola island resident saw smoke from house on false narrows, found to be home owner safe fire.