Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Does MICS qualify as a fire department for insurance?]

A: [NO MICS is not a fire department (Long Answer here) and even though there are a couple of fake hydrants on Mudge there is no Fire hydrants.]

Q: [How can I submit pictures or information to share]
A: [all you have to do is send an e-mail to info at mudge.ca giving us as much information as you can and we will endeavor to place it onto the site as soon as possible.]

Q:[What internet service does Mudge have?]

A:[There are 2 providers at the moment (2017) Telus ADSL max speed 3 meg down and 1 meg up and Explorernet satellite. up to 10 meg.]  As of 2018 Mudge now has Shaw high speed up to 300 Mbps

Q:[Is there a fire department on Mudge for my insurance?]

A:[The quick answer is NO, long answer see MICS section of this website.]

Q:[Is there garbage service on Mudge Island]

A: [No there is no garbage service on Mudge Island everything you pack onto the island has to be packed off.]