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Work Party today at MICS property

Today we where able to double the structure size, we have seven full arches completed, almost half way there.  Thank you to everyone who has donated time, effort and funding to this project, attached are a few pictures of what has been completed to date.   Please stop by and have a look at the …

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July 12 Coastal Wildfire News

Please find attached the Coastal Wildfire News for July 12, 2019.   Summer holidays have started and a lot of people are out camping this weekend. Please remember – always extinguish your campfire! Completely out!   Have a safe weekend everyone.   ATT00001.htm ATT00002.htm ATT00003.htm ATT00004.htm ATT00005.htm 2019-July-12-Coastal-Wildfire-News.pdf ATT00006.htm

Kitchen Volunteers

  Hello Everyone,   As the MICS annual Fire-Fest Auction day draws nearer we a looking to fill out some volunteer positions in our kitchen. There are 14 positions that need to be filled. They are one hour time slots either as a hotdog griller or an ice-cream server. There will be volunteers needed for other …

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Fire Status Update

> Hello everyone. This rain has certainly helped our situation. We are now back on regular shift for high risk activities. We are still only permitted campfires. A campfire must not be larger than a half metre diameter by half metre tall. Please make sure to have a bucket of water next to the fire, …

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BC Wildfire Service Predicated outlook for Vancouver island.

As of July 2, 2019, the BC Wildfire Service predicts that much of the Coastal Fire Centre and the Cassiar Zone within the Northwest Fire Centre are at most risk of above-normal fire conditions, which include warm temperatures, low rainfall, and dry fuels. A PDF version of the Season Outlook for July is available on …

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Gordon’s Homes – Gabriola Parking Information

Hi there,   I was just taking a look at your website and was hoping you were able to post a bulletin for us on your Recent Posts pages, as we are hoping to get some information out to Mudge Island residents, and thought your website would be the best way to do so!   …

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Found glasses at fire practice

Thanks to everyone who came out for the fire practice today. It was a great turnout and was nice to see some new faces. We got to deploy and try out our new portable reservoir today. It is an excellent addition to our kit and I would like to see us add a couple more …

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2019 June 28 Coastal Wildfire News.pdf

Please see the attached Coastal Wildfire News for June 28, 2019.   Lightning bands have cycled through the Coastal Fire Centre resulting in numerous fires. Using air patrols many of these fires were quickly spotted, reported and brought ‘Under Control’. Please remember that there is the possibility of ‘holdover’ fires so if you do see …

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A reminder to all property owners.

Hello All As we move into a very busy time of year on Mudge Island, the summer months, we will see a large influx of people coming to the island. Some folks are returning long time property owners, some are returning visitors and family and some will be having their first Mudge experience ever.   …

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Reminder of MICS fire fighting equipment practice session June 30th 2019.

Reminder of practice session.  Hello All Sunday, June 30th at 10 AM MICS will be hosting a fire fighting equipment practice session. This is open to all members of the community and their friends or guests.  We will be running a refresher style session, going over all our existing equipment and will be setting up …

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