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Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Day

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Day April 11

Hello everyone. Mudge Island Citizens Society will be hosting the BC Forest

Service April 11.

They will be briefing us on fire safety, and going through equipment usage

and fire fighting procedures. After the Forest Service is done, we will also

hear from a representative of the RDN. She will be speaking to us on other

concerns regarding what we can do in the event of disaster. Tsunami, flood,

fire, storm, earthquake etc.

 My apologies that this is on a Friday, however weekends were not available.

This is an all day event.

 Hot dogs will be provided.

 Location is still undetermined. I am looking at two possible sites. I will

put out an update closer to the date, along with the start time and


 Please dress appropriate, bring gloves, boots etc. cotton works well. Nylon

or material that could melt would be a poor choice.

 Please let me know if you will be attending, so we can have an idea on

numbers of people. We would not want to run out of hot dogs now would we?

 So come on out if you can. This should prove to be enjoyable and

informative. If nothing else, it’s a free lunch. Any other potluck lunch

items will not be turned away, but please do not feel obligated to bring

anything. Your participation is all we are after.

 Talk to you soon, Chad Giesbrecht