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 MICS ANNUAL AUCTION Sunday 3rd August 2014

The Annual Auction for Mudge Island Citizens Society will be held on Sunday,

the 3rd of August at Brenda Peacocks red barn.  Come to see what is up for

Auction from noon to 2 PM and enjoy the hot dogs, Mudge Island home made

beans, and coffee.  The auction starts at 5 PM with all proceeds going to

the MICS fire truck fund.  Bring the kids, we have auction items for them as


Of course our popular Mudge Island souvenir tee shirts, caps hoodies and

coffee cups will be on sale.  We have reordered our ceramic coffee cups

after selling out at the pancake breakfast and we have lots of thermos style

coffee cups.

Your fire trucks and associated equipment will be on display for your


Quality auction items are beginning to be offered up but of course we need

many more.  Contact Tom Thomas at 722 2030 or   We

need the information as soon as possible so we can make up lists for the


Watch this space for future auction announcements.