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Wanting to donate to M.I.C.S Follow this link and click the on donate button which links to our PayPal account.

NEWS, Please check back regularly as we update the news section at all times.  We post upcoming events and any stories or suggestions that we receive.

Always campaigning to raise money for the fire truck follow the link to find out about our society. HERE.

Do not forget to check out the Calendar section to find out what’s coming in the next few months.

Couple of new services added for Mudge Island residents, Check out the Mudge services page

Click here for a large map of Mudge, This shows you lot numbers, roads and beach accesses.

New Pictures have been added and if you would like to submit any to be on the site please submit them via e-mail to info at, adding a little blurb as to where it was taken.

Mudge Island Services, We are offering space to display available services for Mudge Island. We will be asking for donations to the Fire Truck fund (M.I.C.S) to secure the space for the year.

Have a look at our links page as we will update this with new links all the time.

NEW, Just added a Tide table for the next few years and it can be found here or on the Nav links on the top section of the webpage.

Lots of new people are moving onto the island so if anyone is interested HERE is the Islands Trust MUDGE ISLAND LAND USE BYLAW NO. 228, 2007.



Mudge Island map

Click on the map to view full size. This map is not always up to date and is not to be relied upon as legal information, Please consult the Land Titles office for an up to date version. Here is a link to Islands Trust Map of Mudge map.  HERE

Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission

Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission Bulletin # 2 February 15, 2018 Greetings to our Mudge Island Community.   Unlike previous postings, this one really will be brief.  Initially we would like to remind people that there is an APC meeting scheduled for this Sunday, February 18th.  The meeting will commence at 1:00 pm and will be …

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Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission NOTICE OF MEETING

Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission    NOTICE OF MEETING   The Mudge Island Planning Advisory Commission will be holding a meeting on:   DATE:​​Sunday, February 18, 2018 TIME:​​1:00 pm LOCATION:​MICS (Mudge Island Citizens Society) Property ​​595 View Ridge Rd. ​​Mudge Island, BC   The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and provide recommendations to …

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Mudge Island APC Bulletin 1

Mudge Island Advisory Planning Commission Bulletin #1 January 24, 2018 Please read attached document. Thank you. Doug MacDonald APC-Bulletin-1.pdf

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RDN Emergency Notifications

Because of the earthquake in Alaska yesterday morning a lot of people are thinking about emergency notification systems. RDN has a system that will help with notifications about any alerts that will affect our areas.  This does not replace MICS whatsapps group but allows RDN to be able to alert a larger group to anything …

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