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Mudge Island Services, We are offering space to display available services for Mudge Island. We will be asking for donations to the Fire Truck fund (M.I.C.S) to secure the space for the year.

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NEW, Just added a Tide table for the next few years and it can be found here or on the Nav links on the top section of the webpage.

Lots of new people are moving onto the island so if anyone is interested HERE is the Islands Trust MUDGE ISLAND LAND USE BYLAW NO. 228, 2007.

Fire Hazard Status Update/Early Shift

> Hello again. We have hit another Danger Class 4 at the Cedar Weather Station, therefore we are once again on a 1pm shutdown for high risk activities, followed by a 2 hour fire watch. Yes we have had a very slight rain, but not enough to counter the recent dry, warm weather. There’s more …

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Statement from Fire Centre Manager and Bi-weekly Coastal Wildfire News

Trigger Warning: This article includes information about Residential School experiences   We share in the grief and outrage expressed across B.C., Canada and the world for the trauma and harms done at the Kamloops residential school – and all residential schools – to so many children, their families, and communities.   As First Nations work …

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Heading into Fire Season

As we are heading into Fire season couple of items MICS would like to bring to your attention for the upcoming season.   ADDRESS SIGNS: Be sure your address is easily visible from the road on a dark night.  Locate it beside your driveway or access point, to eliminate confusion over the correct access to …

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Fire Hazard Status Update/Fire Watch/High Risk Activities – Province of British Columbia

> We are once again needing to do a one hour fire watch for high risk activities. There’s no shutdown time required, but if you are performing these activities then a one hour fire watch is required. I have included a link to the definition of high risk. We are forecast to be on early …

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